Snowy Lager 375ml Can

Snowy Lager

A clean crisp and refreshing lager. Brewed in the Snowy Mountains, unfiltered and free of preservatives. CRACK A TIN OF DALGETYS BEST SNOWY LAGER.

- ABV: 4.5%

H Dog Pale Ale 375ml Can

H-Dog Pale Ale

Our first fur baby Harvie deserved a beer named after him! So we brewed this H-DOG PALE ALE. Full of life, dependable and loved by all.

- ABV: 5.1%

Devils Porter 375ml Can

Devils Porter

As dark as the devil himself, with silky chocolate and coffee flavours this DEVILS PORTER will welcome you to the darkside.

- ABV: 5.6%

Session XPA 375ml Can

Session XPA

Imagine diving head first into the Snowy River with fresh hops and malted barley... that's how we think you'll feel drinking this refreshing SESSION XPA.

- ABV: 3.5%

Dallas Draught 375Ml Can

Dallas Draught

Embrace tradition with Dallas Draught, a beer that's simply beer. Known to locals as "Dallas", Dalgety is the only town in NSW situated on the Snowy River. This brew captures the rugged charm of its namesake. Enjoy the pure essence of a classic beer with DALLAS DRAUGHT.

- ABV: 3.5%

Ginger Cider

Ginger Cider

A super refreshing drink for any occasion. Flavours of Ginger and Apple best served on ice with a slice of fresh lime.

- ABV: 3.5%